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More and more campers look for campsites on PiNCAMP that they can book online at specific dates. For these specific searches, campsites that work with PiNCAMP Online Booking will be shown more prominently. With PiNCAMP Online Booking, we offer a simple yet powerful system to make your campsite bookable online for German and Swiss campers.


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Connection points to PiNCAMP Online Booking:

To be bookable at PiNCAMP you need a channel manager. PiNCAMP currently works with the partners Ctoutvert (Secureholiday), Phobs and*, who are available to you as channel managers. A Channel Manager offers the possibility to transfer your rates and availabilities to several booking portals at the same time. Your data is either transferred directly from your existing Property Management System (an overview of whether your PMS is supported by one of our Channel Managers can be found here ) or you enter the data in the Channel Manager’s extranet if your PMS is not supported or you do not yet have a PMS.

A PMS (Property Management System) is a software to manage the pitches and mobile home capacities of a campsite. If you already use a PMS, our channel managers will build direct interfaces. This allows prices to be automatically transferred to us and bookings to your PMS. You can find an overview of all interfaces here.

If you are not yet using a PMS but are interested in a PMS, we will be happy to put you in touch with our partners. More information about the PMS can be found here.

If you do not yet have a PMS or your PMS does not have an interface to our available channel managers, you can enter your rates and availabilities on a daily basis via an administration page of one of our partners (the so-called extranet). This is a simple solution, no technical systems (PMS) are necessary. However, this solution requires a high manual effort and the parallel maintenance of several systems is necessary.

Advantages and disadvantages of the connection option:

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