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Campsite in general

A BASIC entry as campsite on and is free of charge. We offer different marketing packages to increase the visibility of your campsite. You can get more information here.

If you decide to use our online booking model, visitors to the website can book their holiday on your campsite directly. More information about the online booking function can be found here.

All information about the ADAC Campcard can be found here.

booking function

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PiNCAMP is currently working with various partners and thus enables you to choose from a wide range of technical interfaces for your already existing booking system as well as simple solutions if you do not use a technical system yet.
We are happy to advise you on the connection possibilities and then refer you to our partner.

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The current Channel Managers are integrated with PiNCAMP: Ctoutvert Phobs, Jawigo

You can currently be bookable on PiNCAMP with the Channel Managers below: Ctoutvert Phobs, Jawigo

If you do not have a booking system yet, we can offer you the so called “Extranet” We are happy to provide you more information.

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You can access the General Terms of Use of PiNCAMP Online Booking by clicking on the following link (select): Terms of  Use of B2B PiNCAMP Online Booking – German Version  Terms of Use of B2B PiNCAMP Online Booking  – English Version Terms of Use of B2B PiNCAMP Online Booking  – French Version The german version of the contract is legally binding. The english and french translation exist solely to help understanding its content.

Yes, all guests’ expenses are paid directly to the campsite.

The standard commission rate for PiNCAMP Online Booking by ADAC Camping is 10%. If the campsite is an active advertising customer of ADAC Camping at the time of booking, the commission rate is 8%.

At the beginning of each month, ADAC Camping provides the campsite with a list of all bookings made and completed in the previous month, as well as the resulting commission payments. The campsite is obliged to check this list within five working days and correct any errors. Payment is due ten days after the invoice date.

The campsite defines prices along with payment and cancellation policy in the Channel Manager interface.

The accommodation contract is exclusively between the campsite and the guest. All rights and obligations arising from and within this contractual relationship is exclusively between the parties involved. ADAC Camping and its distribution partners act exclusively as intermediaries. We kindly ask you to contact the customer directly for further information/assistance.

Industry and Destinations

An overview of advertising opportunities for industry and destination customers can be found here.

Depending on the option there are terms of 3 months | 6 months | 12 months